fiengineA web application engine
logarionText archiving, sharing & converting 7 days
logarion-gemini(Obsolete) Converser to gemini files 2 months
logarion-gopherd(Obsolete) Gopher daemon (server) 8 months
logarion-httpHTTP client for Logarion archives 9 months
logarion-httpdHTTP daemon (server) for Logarion archives 2 years
logarion-textsLogarion archive example. 12 months
logarion-xml(Obsolete) HTML & Atom converters 12 months
ocaml-gopherOCaml library for creating Gopher daemons 8 months
orbifx-smtpOCaml mail library and daemon
orbifx-utilObsolete 10 months
text-parse-mlText file parsing & conversion (OCaml) 3 days
textview-mlX text-viewer (OCaml)