AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-13Escape reserved XML characters & add document baseorbifxorbifx
2020-08-01Remove Tyxml and add Omd temporarilyorbifx
2020-07-27Remove CSS classes, span pipes, sections & move meta before titleorbifx
2020-05-20Reverse order for date indexorbifx
2020-05-18Fix order of topicsorbifx
2020-05-18Copy indices in export dirorbifx
2020-05-13Sorting fixorbifx
2020-05-03Revise Logarion.File changesorbifx
2020-05-02Configurable index filenamesorbifx
2020-04-30Temporary patch for logarion_xml initorbifx
2020-04-30Use new applicative functionsorbifx
2020-04-22Add dependencies, revise for logarion changesorbifx
2020-03-07Static HTML and ATOM file generatorHEADmasterorbifx