Logarion is a [free and open-source][Licence] personal note taking, journaling and publication system; a blog-wiki hybrid.


  • Plain file system store, where each note is a file.
  • Command line & web interfaces.
  • Atom feeds
  • Static (conversion to files for uploading) & dynamic serving (HTTP, Gopher, ..).

Community & support


The following instructions are the quickest way to install Logarion (in the absence of binary releases).

opam pin add logarion git://orbitalfox.eu/logarion
opam install logarion

Once installed you will have logarion for command line control of the repository.


Command line

Create a folder and run logarion init from within it to produce .logarion/config.toml, which is the core configuration file. The archive options are under the [archive] section.

Run logarion --help for more options.


Optionally install a Sass compiler, like sassc, and then run make theme-dark or make theme-light, to generate a stylesheet as share/static/main.css, using the respective Sass files in share/sass/.

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